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Below are presentations approved for posting by the presenters. If there is a presentation not listed, the speaker did not allow postings.
FALL 2021:
Alternatives to Radon Protection - Gary Chu
Confined Space Regulatory Updates Manitoba - Joey Bellino
Crawl Spaces - Michael Wagemakers
Developing Your Building Official Toolbox - Norman Garcia
Greenstone ICE Panels - Rodney Penner -  VIDEO
Introduction to Kilo Lima - Kelsey Longmoore
Part 6: HVAC
Six Storey Wood Construction
SPRING 2021:
PP's also linked below.
Large Farm Buildings - Joe Kasprick
Spatial Separation - Murray Rempel, Christine Moreno
Overview of the Proposed Tiered Energy Compliance Paths - Norman Garcia
Underoccupied Buildings:  Risks to Remember - DavidMuise, OHST and Adam Crawford
Window Installation - Brian Warkentin
Installing Fire Stop Properly - Tony Gudel
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          Tony's presentation is located there.  Too large a file to link here.
FALL 2019:
Existing Buildings - NFPA 101 
Liability & Risk for Code Officials - Greg Tramley
    Bill 38 - Greg Tramley
Factory or Site Built - Are they really different?
Window Installation - Are we meeting code? - Kevin Knight and Gary Proskiw
FALL 2018:
Building and Occupancy Permits - Greg Tramley
Fire Safety Inspections - Neil Biledeau
Fundamentals of Kitchen Fire Supression Inspections - Rob Read
NFPA 1142 Water Supply - Jim Stephton
Residential Fire Separation - Alan Mingaracal and Murray Rempel
Understanding Radon Homes - Sandy Marohn
Pre-Cast Assemblies - Ray Wentz
SPRING 2018:
Moisture Damage - Gary Proskiw
First Preventers - Al Gray / Alex Campbell
Limit States Design - Norman Garcia, P.Eng., LEED AP BD+C, P.Eng.
Underwriting & Rating of Fire Risk Municipalities - Michael King, B.Sc & Fire,C.Tech
Municipal Liability & the Building Inspector, Greg Tramley
Mezzazines - Geoff Mikolayenko
Fire Separations, Fire Rated Separations and Fire Walls - Michael Wagemakers, P.Eng. CCBO
F1 High Hazard Inspection Requirements - Neil Billedeau
     Steps to an F1 Occupancy Inspection - Neil Billedeau
Solid Fuel Appliance Installations & the Code Official - Henry Nagtegaal
Top 10 Mistakes Pinchin Sees Everyday - Vince D'Angiolo
     Pinchin Offices and Services Brochure
     Pinchin Building Science Brochure
Watch for more presentations from the Spring Seminar, coming soon.
FALL 2017:
CAN/ULC-S1001 Integrated Systems Testing
    of Fire Protection and Life Safety Systems - Brian McGain
Installation of Smoke Alarms - Brian McBain
SPRING 2017:
CCMC - Helene Roche
Change 3.8 NBC2015r - Brian Everton
Egress and Exit Doors - Michael Wagemakers
Geotechnical - Gil Robinson
MHAPP - Sandra Nigro
Offsite Constructed Buildings - Adaire Chown
Mid-rise Wood Construction - 2015 National Code Changes & Research - Marc Alam
Secondary Suites

Fall 2016:

Alternative Solutions - Calvin Gray

Alternative Solutions - Other Info - Calvin Gray

Helical Screw Piles - Ron Faye

Lead Awareness - Ed Wooster

Part 3 Changes to the NBC 2015 - Michael Wagemakers

Spray Foam Opportunities and Challenges - Peter Birkbeck

ULC S1001 - Bill Fremis


Spring 2016:

Fire & Smoke Rated Damper and Diffuser Products
Doug Castor, Matthew Joyce, Kelly Goldstone
E.H. Price
Update on National Training Material and Course Regime
Audrey LeBlanc, M.Sc., MBA, CAO
Ontario Building Officials Association
Retrofit of Vulnerable Occupancies
Just in Time Education - CASA (Handout)
Jason Ryckman, Codes and Technical Services Manager
Manitoba's New Home Warranty Legislation
Kevin Danner, Director, Research and Planning
Tourism, Culture, Heritage, Sport and Consumer Protection
Heritage and Existing Building Challenges with Compliance
Rick Marshall, P.Eng., LEED* AP, G.S.C., Design Manager
Bird Construction
The CFAA's position ont he Use of Inspection Labels
Derrick Bertrand, President
CFAA Manitoba Chapter
Regulation Changes under the Manitoba Fire Code and Manitoba Building Code
Candace Russell Summers, Chief Building Official
Office of the Fire Commissioner

Fall 2015:

NBC Section 9.36
Calvin Gray, P.Eng., Cuilding and Fire Safety Engineer
Office of the Fire Commissioner
Industrial Building Classification F2 versus F3 What makes the difference?
Ryan Fidler, P.Eng.
DGH Engineering Ltd.

Fall 2014:

Building Code and Standards - Jeff Baker
MBOA Fall 2014 Energy Code Update
Using Technology to Maximize Fire Systems Flexibility and Protection
Architecture and Engineering
  • NBC 9.25 Explained, by Frank Lohmann, Canadian Code Center
  • Environmental Separation, by Frank Lohmann, Canadian Code Center
  • The History of Codes in Canada, by John Archer, NRCC
  • Use of Manufacturered Wood Specialities in Part 9 of Building Code, by Ineke Van Zeeland, Canadian Wood Council.