Jeff Braun

  1. What is your current job title and which area do you cover?

Senior Development Officer/Building Inspector for the Neepawa & Area Planning District

  1. How long have you worked with in the industry?

I have been in the construction industry 28 years total; I have been a Journeyman Carpenter for 19 years and have been in the position as Development Officer/Building Inspector for the last 12 years.

  1. How long have you been a member of MBOA?

I have been a member since February, 2012

  1. Why did you become a member of the MBOA?

It’s a great resource in my position to learn and associate with other groups.

  1. What do you love most about being a building inspector?

I feel the role helps standardize building construction. It is also interesting to see different types of buildings, methods of construction and products used within them.  

  1. Has becoming a member of the MBOA helped you in your career?

Yes, the resources available and people I have met definitely advance me in my career.

  1. Do you have any mentors in your professional life?

Rick Grimshaw has been a great influence to me. He is an advocate to the profession and has been an influence to me personally.

  1. What is your favourite hobby or leisure activity?

Mountain biking, fishing and remote-control vehicles.

  1. What is your favourite sports team?

My sons U9 Hockey team.   

  1. What is something unique or something we may not about you that people in the MBOA might find interesting

I have several Remote-Control vehicles which I have bought, built and like to race with my 2 boys.


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