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Welcome to an association of over 225 members primarily representing local government Building Officials and those involved in building design, construction, testing and research. A growing organization with representation from various regions throughout the province, our members hold diverse backgrounds and occupations such as Building Inspectors, Architects, Engineers, Engineering Technologists, Plan Examiners, Insurance Underwriters, and Fire Prevention officers, just to name a few.

Our mandate to educate, train and promote brought about the establishment of semi-annual seminars and our annual trade show. Our association answers the growing need for some type of forum in which building officials from all areas of the province can discuss and resolve common problems.

Membership in MBOA is available to individuals, firms, corporations, associations, governments and government agencies interested or engaged in the administration and enforcement of regulations related to buildings and structures and their planning, construction, demolition, alteration, renovation, maintenance, operation and renewal. MBOA welcomes enquiries from prospective members in its desire to be of service to both the individual and to the building industry.