In order to better serve our membership and to stay current in the ever changing and evolving industry the MBOA is currently redeveloping the education & certification processes.  Stay tuned for updates over the coming months.  (Posted: July 7, 2020)

Certification Information

MBOA has successfully developed a Certification & Certification Maintenance Program for its members. The certification program requires members to complete a number of Building Code courses. MBOA has three levels (Housing: Part Nine Buildings: Part Three Buildings) of certification that a member can obtain. Courses for each levels have been identified.

Becoming MBOA certified is a significant professional accomplishment. Codes protect the public by regulating safe construction. Certification demonstrates a firm commitment to that public, and to code enforcement profession, by confirming and recognizing knowledgeable proficiency in the areas of management, technology and law as they relate to construction codes administration.

Members in good standing with MBOA are encouraged to continue to develop the professional knowledge and skills through a series of Association recognized official courses. A member may pursue certification through one of two designations.

  • Certified Building Code Official (CBCO)
  • Building Code Qualified (BCQ)

Each designation consists of three levels of achievement. Each certificate level reflects the type of construction and buildings that an individual is certified and/or qualified to inspect or design.

View our brochure, here.

Click here to download the application form.  Application Fee:  $100.00

Maintenance Program

MBOA certification (CBCO & BCQ) is valid for a period of three years. To maintain the high credibility and recognition connected with this professional distinction, you must renew your certification every three years by participating in the MBOA Certification Maintenance Program. The goal of the MBOA Certification Maintenance Program is to help ensure public health and safety by promoting ongoing knowledge and expertise in the use of the codes and standards. Evidence of continued learning, involvement and proficiency in using codes is required to maintain the certification.

Certification Application Reviews

Certification Review Committee review applications on a regular basis.


Send your completed application to:

Manitoba Building Officials Association (MBOA)
P.O. Box 2063, Stn. Main
Winnipeg, MB R3C 3R4

or email to