Code of Ethics

The members accept these Rules of Professional Conduct as a desirable method of achieving increased professional status for the Association. These Rules are based on principles that the members accept as necessary for maintaining the high standard of behaviour to which the membership adheres. These Rules will be applied under stated guidelines to ensure the protection of the rights of any Member whose conduct allegedly violates these Rules.

The following shall be the rules of the Association:

  1. No member shall commit an indictable offence or other offence prosecuted under indictment under the Criminal Code (Canada) or similar criminal legislation in the United States of America, or in any municipality, province, state, district or territory of Canada or the United States of America, or any other offence which brings discredit or embarrassment to other members or chapters of the Association.
  2. No Member shall commit any offence or serious misconduct pertaining to the funds and/or property of any branch of government.
  3. No Member shall be guilty of serious and improper action in the performance of their duties that brings discredit and/or embarrassment to other members or the Association.
  4. No Member shall disclose to others or use to further any personal interest, confidential information acquired in the course of stated official duties.
  5. Members shall strive to maintain the integrity of the profession and should participate in its activities.
  6. Members shall observe the Rules of Professional Conduct set out herein in both spirit as well as in letter.
  7. No members shall use the organization's logo without written permission by the Board of Directors and the rules pertaining to such use must be adhered to. members must submit their request in writing, noting how they would like the logo used.