History of MBOA

The Manitoba Building Officials Association is a non-profit, self-governing organization whose members are dedicated to promoting the advancement of scientific knowledge in the field of building construction.

MBOA was founded in the early 1960's, when a few ambitious individuals started meeting on a periodic basis. These early meetings answered a growing need for some type of forum in which building officials from all areas of the province could discuss and resolve common problems. Increasing interest and concern for the training and further education of building officials resulted in the establishment of semi-annual seminars, which continue to form an important part of the Association's activities.

Since its informal beginning in the 1960's, MBOA has evolved into a growing organization, with representation from various regions throughout the province. The membership represents many facets of business and industry, with members holding diverse backgrounds and occupations such as Building Inspectors, Architects, Engineers, Engineering Technologists, Plan Examiners, Insurance Underwriters, and Fire Prevention officers, just to name a few.

History of MBOA Presidents:

  • Adam Muzychuk (Province of Manitoba)
  • Lou Brisebois (City of Winnipeg)
  • Ed Geres (City of Winnipeg)
  • Charles Maximillion (Province of Manitoba)
  • Richard Nicolas (City of Brandon)
  • Chuck Surgeoner (City of Winnipeg)
  • Alex Campbell (Province of Manitoba)
  • Mike Anderson (City of Winnipeg)
  • John Barnes (City of Winnipeg)
  • Rick Grimshaw (T.R. Grimshaw Consulting)
  • Kinelm Brookes (Portage la Prairie Planning District)

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